Our Mission

Our mission is to pool the resources of 100 men with intent to fund charities in Central Ohio for a meaningful impact.

About Us

How We Work

There are four, one-hour meetings a year at which a needy non-profit receives $10,000. The 100-Men group has no bank account, treasurer, president or any of the other trappings and overhead. Each member writes a $100 check directly to the selected non-profit, and those in need get 100% of the money. 

Charity Selection

During the quarter, every member can suggest one deserving organization. An email survey of the membership selects the top three, so everyone knows the candidates ten days in advance of the meeting. Each of the top three makes a five-minute presentation at the quarterly meeting, the group then votes and the selected non-profit receives the money.  

Our Difference

Members get up close and personal with the organizations to which they contribute, as well as watching the effects of their donations.  The organization that received the $10,000 makes a presentation at the following quarterly meeting to explain how the money is being used and its effect.   

We are looking to find charities of a size that $10,000 would have a large impact on their programs. They must be local to Central Ohio, and they must provide their 100-Men sponsor with detailed information on their organization and what they would do with a $10,000 donation.  

The organization will return to our next quarterly meeting to share the results they achieved with the donation from 100 Men Who Give A Damn.

As donations are made by our group, this space will be used to list the recipients and document what was achieved with the money they received.